Ezy-Dose Oral Syringe Korc - 1 syringe

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Unique Dosage Korc design allows medication to be drawn directly from the bottle with no fuss or mess. Latex free.



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Unique Dosage Korc design allows medication to be drawn directly from the bottle with no fuss or mess. Latex free.



1. Insert Dosage Korc into medication bottle with a downward twisting motion until a tight seal is made between the bottle and the Dosage Korc.

2. Remove cap from tip of syringe and draw plunger back to the last marking on the barrel of the syringe.

3. Open Dosage Korc cover and insert tip of syringe firmly into opening in the Dosage Korc with a twisting, downward motion.

4. Push plunger down completely, forcing air into the bottle. If plunger sticks, moisten tip with vegetable oil.

5. With the syringe, Dosage Korc, and bottle attached, turn the entire unit upside down in the manner shown in illustration, step 5.

6. Withdraw medication into syringe by pulling out plunger. Withdraw slightly more medication into the syringe than doctor's directions indicate, and then push plunger upward until the desired level of medication is contained in the syringe. Excess medication will be forced back along with any air bubbles that may cause an inaccurate reading if the medication level.

7. Return the entire unit to the upright position and remove the syringe from the Dosage Korc with a slow, upward twisting motion.

8. Place tip of syringe past the patient's (child, adult or geriatric) lips and teeth. Slowly press plunger down to dispense medication into patient's mouth. Your syringe has been calibrated to deliver an exact amount of medication once you push the plunger all the way down. You will note there is a small residual amount of medication within the tip which has not been calculated in the volume you are delivering. This amount is not part of your dosage.

9. Replace Dosage Korc and replace with original bottle cap. Failure to remove the Dosage Korc may affect the stability of the medication.

10. Wash syringe and barrel with warm, soapy water between uses and use a cleansing brush to remove any residue.




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